Ukrain/Russia, 2014

TATTOOSWEATERS sees clothing as the second skin and tattoos as the only true way to decorate it. The baseline of each new collection is the works of acclaimed tattoo artists from all over the world. The story of TATTOOSWEATERS has started four years ago and during these years it has collaborated with six talented tattoo artists. The creative director and the founder of the brand is Anna Osmekhina, a practicing costume designer and a celebrity stylist.

The main feature of TATTOOSWEATERS is a constant presence of sweatshirts in classic brand’s colours beige and black. Fabrics are ordered in Japan, Italy and Poland. All “tattoos” are silk screened by hand.

The brand has high demands to the product’s quality and has its own manufacture in Kiev, Ukraine. TATTOOSWEATERS creative lab consists of 27 very unique people, which have years of experience in TV and theatre projects, music videos and celebrities’ shows.


Ukraine, 2012

The brand combines Russian and Ukrainian spirits which evokes powerful prints and wearable forms. With a focus on the "synthesis in any of its forms" and incorporates influences from most prominent global acts of unity into its designs.

In Fall/Winter 2017 heralded as one of the “brightest moments in modern history” by the label, the Berlin Wall’s fall serves as a fitting centerpiece for a company that seeks to tear down barriers and boundaries.


Russia, 2014

J.KIM was founded by Jenia Kim who comes from a family of Korean emigrants from Uzbekistan. The national influences are ingrained in the core of the brand: it’s all about the cut, the essence and the reinvention. In her work, Kim has used numerous references to the rich culture of Central Asia.


Russia, 2015

The whole idea of creating the clothing line was born with an inspirational influence of his motherland, Sergiev Posad - Russian Orthodox capital. When creating the garments, Anton transforms his own ideas from researching and recalling the religious philosophy, and adds the traditional Russian cultural elements, such as Christian prints and monk costume shapes. Each collection has its independent statement, and all of them share the spirit and voice of the
underground scene.

Also incorporated into his work is religious imagery and symbolism, which is oftentimes evident in the graphics that Lisin paints himself and sometimes peppers with hidden imagery; look close enough, and you might spot the words “RUSSIA” or “LISIN.”


Russia, 2013

Crafted in Russia, Maria Stern offers luxury jewelry that is simple and delicate. The label's aim is to enhance the wearer's individuality and pure beauty, appealing to the fashion conscious women of today.

Minimal and architectural, sterling silver provides the foundation for each piece, whether the pearls are ascending the ear, or crossing two fingers, the structure is key.