Russia, 2014

Founded by Artem Bryukhov, E404's identity is based on streetwear combined with references to the primitivism art movement, Artem’s favorite TV shows from his teenagehood and un-bedazzled but not so trivial things that his eyes accidentally catch in everyday life.

e404 is a story told from a very particular perspective – like a child speaks about what he truly feels using very simple but clear form of language. The designer follow the path that was well-trodden by naïve art artsts, who were never afraid to use bold color palette supported by childlike mise-en-scènes. e404 is not about complicated design – it’s about bright colouring and contrasting prints inspired by the works of Kazemir Malevich, Alexander Rodchenko, Natalia Goncharova and Timur Novikov. The silhouettes are plain and a little bit rustic: hoodies and sweatshirts, training pants and loosy t-shirts.